SALE JANUS bifacial WOOD Table

Table Tennis Bats for sale

Brand: DHS (Double Happiness Sports)

Model: DHS A4002 New X-Series ALL-STAR Table Tennis Racket
Level:Â All-Star (4 Star)
Handle: Flared / Shakehand / Long Handle
Blade Ply: 7 Ply Pure Wood
Front Side Rubber: Red Hurricane II Pimples In
Reverse Side Rubber: Black G888 Pimples In
Fitted Play: Loop with quick-attack

Recommended features:
1. 7 Ply pure wood blade, light and tough wood body, imported wood face layer.
2. Equipped with new allocation of rubbers, X4 rackets full of stronger power express speed and spin.
3. Fitted for tournaments or professional competition.
4. Recommended for professional or intermediate players.

About the manufacturer:

DHS (Double Happiness) is not only the largest table tennis manufacturer in China, but it's one of the national largest sporting goods suppliers. The company was founded in 1959 and is well-known and respectable in world table tennis field. Double Happiness (DHS), official equipment supply for 27th, 28th, 29th Olympic games, has its unique view point on the study of materials and formula, making technique, the mutual influence between table tennis and motor function.Â

DHS - The official table tennis equipment supplier for:

The 30th Olympic Games (London, 2012)
The 29th Olympic Games (Beijing, 2008)
The 28th Olympic Games (Athens, 2004)
The 27th Olympic Games (Sydney, 2000)
The 51st W.T.T.C. (Rotterdam, 2011)
The 50th W.T.T.C. Team (Moscow, 2010)
The 49th W.T.T.C. Team (Guangzhou, 2008)
The 48th W.T.T.C. (Shanghai, 2005)
The 47th W.T.T.C. Team (Doha, 2004)
The 47th W.T.T.C. (Paris, 2003)
The 26th W.T.T.C. (Beijing, 1961)

Table tennis bats for victory
Table tennis bats for victory
Table Tennis
Table Tennis
Table Tennis Bats
Table Tennis Bats
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