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PRESIDENT Albert Middlemass-Sun

Albert is a managing consultant with IBM Software Group and has previously worked for companies in Australia and overseas in the telecommunications, financial, retail, government and manufacturing sectors. His enthusiasm for Table Tennis developed from his son Noah’s participation in the sport. Albert was instrumental in organising and purchasing new Andro Tables and hiring quality coaches for Noah’s school sports program, which contributed to the substantial growth and popularity of Table Tennis within the school. Albert is committed to making the MTTC the most respected, welcoming, well-administered and well-sponsored club in Central Melbourne.


Dee has been an accountant for over 10 years and runs a successful sports stadium at 15 Hay Street, Box Hill South. Dee’s involvement in Table Tennis began in 2003 with his eldest son Muhammad. He had since introduced his youngest son Zaki Zenaidee to the sport. Dee hopes to bring his driven, modest approach to life to Melbourne Table Tennis. His dedication and enthusiasm make Dee one of MTTC's greatest assets.

TREASURER Greg Robbins

Greg is a partner at Austen, a CPA accounting firm based in Port Melbourne. Greg has been involved with Table Tennis for over 30 years, initially playing in a family team in the Victorian Table Tennis Association's Pennant competition. He still actively participates in club pennants and veteran tournaments. With Greg as Treasurer, we know our record keeping and business management systems are in good hands. Greg is a highly qualified CPA professional who loves Table Tennis and is keen to build a strong, well organised club for everyone.

SECRETARY Mark Belcher

Mark has worked for the Victorian Public Service, Table Tennis Victoria and the insurance industry over 20 years. As a 30 year veteran of Table Tennis club pennant competition in Victoria, he is the most experienced leader within the Melbourne Table Tennis Club Committee. Mark brings valuable knowledge and insight to the management team at MTTC.


Santo is the director of Sulfaro Furniture, a well established, family owned Australian company with a reputation for creating fine, hand crafted furniture for discerning customers. Santo is actively involved in Table Tennis, supporting his son Ivan's every move, from club competition and intensive training programs, to international training and olympic events. Santo’s vast experience and business management skills help make MTTC a successful and efficently run club.


Joe Gerada has worked in the Table Tennis training industry for over 30 years. His first champions were his sons Simon and Wayne Gerada. He has helped train and develop more than ten national champions. Those that know Joe, know that he has a “can do” attitude that brings out the best in his players. He is committed to helping players maximise their potential with a positive and engaging training style.

Source: www.tabletennis.net.au
Melbourne Inter Asian Clubs Table Tennis Championship
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Melbourne Asian Clubs Table Tennis Competition 2010 - Miao
Melbourne Asian Clubs Table Tennis Competition 2010 - Miao ...
Melbourne Asian Clubs Table Tennis Competition 2010 - Open
Melbourne Asian Clubs Table Tennis Competition 2010 - Open ...
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