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donic logoDonic Schildkrot Carbotec series are the top line of performance ping pong bats that produced with 3 distinctive carbone contents. These rackets released by Donic represent the top quality of products and are innovative rackets in 21st century. Donic is a Germany company and as a technology leader in the market, it established is simply obvious that this impulse now comes in this moment.

As we know, wood is a natural product and is easy to get moisturizing. Which mean wood is easy to get humidity especially during raining days. While for the wood that use to produce Donic Schildkrot Carbotec racket is innovative wood that will not susceptible to weather and humidity. With this, the low durability of wood been altered with little modification and advancement.

Significant Improvement with The Use of Carbon

Donic has improved the racket surface through various processing and bring in new changes with the use of new material – carbon. Carbon is a tested durable materials with a particular insentivity to weather condition and resistant to moisture. Furthermore, it can provide the ball with more bounce and more power in the game.

Carbon is actually being used in the aerospace industry due to the rigidity of carbon exploit and heat resistance. Another characteristic of carbon is it is very light weight and therefore is very ideal to use in aviation industry. In motorsport, the complete body components are also made of this material and it is also widely use in producing bicycle.

donic handleAnd now, Donic is using carbon to make the table tennis racket. You may wonder what are the benefits that you can get as a player when you are using Carbon table tennis racket? Well, one of the important thing that need to take into consideration when manufacturing the table tennis racket is the stiffness level. And with the use of the carbon material, it can provide sufficient stiffness in optimal conditions. The finish products of Donic CarboTec have an excellent rigidity with minimum weight.

Other benefits included:

– Hard and tension-resistant
– More power
– Faster response
– Long lifespan
– Insensitive to climatic influences
– Stiffness
– Free selection in shape
– Weight distribution
– Rubber is very flexible

CarboTec 20

If you are the type of person that can easily get a lot of sweat, you may find the handle can get slippery because of the material that produced the racket.

Once you get your Carbotec 20, you may try to play for a few sessions with it. You may feel the racket itself is quite good for you to handle the ball. Also, the speed is quite reasonable for you to make the shot. Nonetheless, you may discover some weird sound which is caused by the carbon material, rubber or the hollow of the racket.

donic turtleFor the asking price for this racket, you may think of better go get a custom made bat instead of this one which would provide you with better playing experience.

Overall, it is a good Allround paddle that is suit for more competitive player for defensive game. It is a standard racket for all types of players.


– Material: 20% Carbon
– Handle: concave and anatomic
– Rubber: Champion-QRC
– Sponge: 1.9mm
– Speed: 100, Spin: 80, Control: 90

CarboTec 50

It is specially designed with a controlled Allround and still quite fast attacking game.

If you are an aggresive player who loves to attack your opponent with crucial clash, you may consider of buying this Donic Schildkrot CarboTec 50. This table tennis bat can definitely improve your attacking skill and create some hard time for your opponent. As the bat is manufactured from wood, it is very robust and durable. The advanced technology of composite blade and conclave handle allow you to spin the ball and make some good shot.

Due to this CarboTec 50 can provide a player with very fast speed and stiffness, most people are choosing to get this carbon-glass blade without seeking for the use of speed glue anymore. They can still achieve the optimum acceleration that they want without speed glue. Moreover, the blade can lose some speed if it gets speed gluing repeatedly.

– Material: 50% Carbon
– Handle: concave and anatomic
– Rubber: Energy-QRC
– Sponge: 2.1mm
– Speed: 110, Spin: 100, Control: 80

CarboTec 100

This is the fastest and toughest racket of the 3 available models. It is suitable for a fast Allround and also a controlled attacking game. It can provide intermediate and advanced players with excellent control on their shots.

This racket is stiffness and more twist-resistant compare to other racket that are also made of wood. Because of the stiffness, it provides a very good return of energy.

Overall, this racket can help to improve your skill and makes you to play better in a game.

– Material: 100% Carbon
– Handle: concave and anatomic

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