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So happy that they removed that sign, thus making Shamrock the five star place that it's meant to be. My only minor regret is that it's not called The Barsports Emporium, but even still this joint has got to be one of the greatest places on earth. To wit:

Eight dartboards. Five enclosed ping pong tables. More televisions than it's possible to count with an attention span like mine.

Twenty-three pool tables. Two massive bars. Better beer selection than most New Orleans establishments (details below). A stage and dance floor for live shows. Parking lot out front. Rumors of a kitchen in the future.

Seriously. What more could you possibly ask for? Cheap drinks? Done. Ginormous anteroom lounge area with couches and TVs in the (very clean!) girls restroom? Yep. They have that, too. (Jealous, boys? You should be.) This alone made me want to give Shamrock five stars when I discovered it.

They've got a well stocked bar, with a variety of beers in the bottle and on tap. The prices are reasonable, too.*

Bottle Imports - $3.50
Domestic Bottles - $2.50
Schlitz and PBR - $2.00

Draft beers cost no more than $4, and options include:**

Covington Strawberry
Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan
Shiner Bock
UFO something
Coors Light
Harp Lager
Abita Amber
Purple Haze
Blue Moon
Stella Artois
Woodchuck Cider

There is one exception. Framboise is $7 per pint. Or you can get a shot for $1.

Love love love this place! Bar Sports Emporium FTW.


*Did my best to gather intel on the drink prices and beers available, but this is all subject to change, and may or may not be correct, depending on my level of beer consumption at the time. But I tried!

**Not a comprehensive list. But a good start!

Read more In theory, I love this place. Five ping pong tables (five!), pool tables as far as the eye can see, darts that are out of the way of everything else (i.e. no fighting for the ping pong table when people want to play darts, nor risking your life trying to get to the bar), several bars (albeit one bartender tonight). Yes, it's green, so I see why it's called Shamrock, but this place should really be called The Bar Sports Emporium.

It's where the old Rock 'n Bowl used to be, and has apparently been open for like two weeks. Like I said, I love this place. In theory. The ping pong tables are, brilliantly, enclosed in these individual batting-cage type structures. Meaning you don't have to run and chase the ball. And did I mention there are FIVE OF THEM?!? I've been waiting for this place for a very long time.

Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong (Radio Edit)
Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong (Radio Edit)
Join with seams at PING PONG CLUB MOSCOW - 2015
Join with seams at PING PONG CLUB MOSCOW - 2015
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