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Butterfly Table Tennis Paddle

Table Tennis RacketWhen it comes to the purchase of a butterfly table tennis racket, a few factors should be taken into consideration. In recent years, a lot has changed about blade technology. With the addition of Carbon and Arylate, the sweet spot is enlarged and speed is increased. With these added features, prices are increased.

Regarding handles, there are many choices such as straight, anatomic, and flare. In addition to giving consideration to the purchase of a table tennis racket, consideration must be given to the rubber and sponge in the racket. The amount of spin on the ball is determined by the rubber as well as the speed of the racket; however, the majority of the speed is determined by the sponge's density and thickness. The thicker the sponge, the faster the racket will be. It is normal that the more speed and spin that is offered by a racket, the more expensive the racket will be.

What to Look for in a Butterfly Table Tennis Racket

Different racket rubbers offer varying levels of thickness in the sponges. The sponge layer is the area that is right between the wood and the top sheet. It serves as a trampoline. A thinner sponge will offer less spring and will feel somewhat hard. This will allow the ball to sink into the wood surface, and that produces less speed and spin.

Sponges that are thicker offer a softer feel and are generally faster and provide more of a spin because the ball sinks deeper into the sponge layer which causes it to catapult outward with a very tremendous velocity and a spin that is increased.

Types of Rubber


Inverted Rubber

This type of rubber is best suited for giving spin on the ball due to the contact to the surface of the ball.

Short Pips-Out Rubber

This type of rubber is not easily affected by the spin of the opponent due to the narrowness on the surface contact with the ball. It tends to knock the ball away.

Long Pimples Rubber without Sponge

The ball will be served with an unexpected spin because of the various movements of pimples that are hitting the ball.

Long Pimples Rubber with Sponge

Easy to handle and light. It does not offer very much elasticity, so it allows you the explosive power of topspin balls.


This type of rubber is inverted, and it has very little friction. It is not as easily affected by the spin of the opponent's ball.

Shopping Tips for a Butterfly Table Tennis Racket

When it comes to shopping for a butterfly table tennis racket, the first thing that buyers should consider is that there are four different series varieties available. The four series of rackets are International, Penhold, World-Class, and North American. Control ratings, spin, and speed within each series are very different on each variety.


The International Racket Series is the first racket series. This type of series is faster than other series, and this is due to Foam Core Technology found in the blades. The faster a racket is, the less control it will possess. The FCT or Foam Core Technology does add speed to the racket, but it lowers the control.

The second is the Penhold series. The rackets within this series are made for Chinese and Japanese play. This series of racket only has one sheet of rubber and is comparable with the North American and International series.

The third type of racket is the North American. These rackets offer a slightly lower speed than the International Series, since they do not possess Foam Core Technology. These rackets are very good in quality and offer good quality rubber.

The fourth racket series is the World-Class. Table tennis rackets rise to a whole new level with this series. This type of racket is much faster and has a lot more spin. These rackets contain Arylate and Carbon, which adds speed and enlargement of the sweet spot. There are two distinct differences between these rackets and the other types of series. The blades in this series are world-class competition level, and the rubber on these blades exceeds the speed and spin capability compared to the other series.

Care of the Racket

It is important to make sure that the racket is protected at all times. The rubber will begin to deteriorate naturally over time after it has been put into use. Oil, dust, and dirt will begin to accumulate on the surface during play times. Cleaning of the rubber is necessary before and after each playing session.

There are specifically formulated cleaners, and the sponge can rejuvenate the surface of the rubber to prolong the lifespan. Protective films will add layers that offer a defensive protection to the rubber sheets from air.

The racket case will reduce the amount of time the padded area is exposed to the open air and elements. Additional padding will help offer cushion to each blow in case the racket is dropped. It is important to keep the racket away from heat, like the interior of a car because this could warp the racket.

Finding a Butterfly Table Tennis Racket on eBay

You can find almost anything when shopping on eBay. Just by following a few simple steps, you can easily get started. Go to the eBay search bar and enter specific keywords and click "search". Next, browse through the list of categories that are offered, and from here, you can learn about the items you have found. Read through the descriptions. You can easily find answers to your questions by clicking on the "Ask a Question" link.

Butterfly Easifold Deluxe Outdoor Table Tennis Table
Butterfly Easifold Deluxe Outdoor Table Tennis Table
table tennis butterfly thailand cheap equipment
table tennis butterfly thailand cheap equipment
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