Ping Pong Table Tennis London

Table Tennis tables & Ping Pong tables offered by Jaques of London are of exceptional quality, lending to over a century of experience handcrafting Table Tennis tables from inventing the very game of Ping Pong. Thats right - the Jaques family invented Ping Pong in 1901, so with over 100 years of Table Tennis Experience we really should know how to make the Best Tables there are.

Jaques offer a wide range of high quality Table Tennis tables & Ping Pong tables from outdoor all weather tables to table suitable for playing indoors. A Table Tennis table from Jaques truly signifies that you take the game seriously and that you are a purveyor of the finer things in life. Our range of gaming tables encompasses something for everyone, whether you are a keen home player or budding Olympic Table Tennis player, a Ping Pong table from Jaques is the perfect way to bring some luxury to your life

Table Tennis, originally known as Ping Pong, was invented by Jaques of London. Throughout the world it is known by both names, although Ping Pong is now more commonly known as Table Tennis in the UK. In additional to Table Tennis tables, Jaques also offer Table Tennis bats, Ping Pong balls, nets and everything else you need to play the game, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional.

Our Table Tennis equipment is used at many competitions throughout the world and it's easy to see why. With Jaques uncompromising approach to quality and the history we have with the game, we remain the first choice for players around the world.

Our Foldamatic indoor Table Tennis table is our most popular table as it is very affordable and features all the latest technology to ensure strength and durability, including our patented Pull Button locking system for safe and easy storage. The model comes complete with net, posts, bats and balls, and requires simple assembly before play.

Jaques outdoor Table Tennis table, the revolutionary Evolution 2 all weather Table Tennis table features a weather resistant sub-frame and space age weather proof alloy top, make this the most practical folding outdoor table in our range.

Ping Pong Table Tennis July 30 London Olympics 2012 part 1
Ping Pong Table Tennis July 30 London Olympics 2012 part 1 ...
Ping Pong Table Tennis July 30 London Olympics 2012 part 2
Ping Pong Table Tennis July 30 London Olympics 2012 part 2 ...
TTD Table Tennis - London 2012 Olympics (Ping Pong
TTD Table Tennis - London 2012 Olympics (Ping Pong ...
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