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Table Tennis Bat size

Table tennis blades head sizes

Table tennis blades head sizes in our approach

When developing our line of OSP blades we collaborated with professional players and coaches, but we also listened to players of the future. All of these players had different styles, needs and ideas but we found that they all shared one thing: they all had exact preferences for the head shape or their ideal table tennis blades head sizes. Ten years of experience in blade making and collaboration with players of all skill levels has revealed this general wisdom regarding head shape:

  • An oval (egg) shaped blade head is preferential for BH orientated players.
  • Round or angular shaped blade heads are best suited to FH orientated players.

Table tennis blades head shapeThe physics of a table tennis paddle head size

A longer blade head size results in a higher degree of amplitude—more vibration—and shorter (higher) frequency providing the player with a more balanced blade geared toward a dynamic, mid-distance game for players who favour the BH.

A shorter blade head results in a lower degree of amplitude—a stiffer feel, less vibration—and a lower frequency effect to suit close to the table style, FH orientated players.

For example, our Virtuoso and Virtuoso+ models used with heavier rubbers would work better with a S or M blade head size due to:

  • the shorter head reducing weight
  • suitability for close to the table Chinese style play
  • allowing rapid return of blade from a raised position to neutral for better, quicker counterattacking

The L size blade head is ideal for distance play, particularly using Chinese rubbers because it retains the power that might be lost through the tackiness of the rubbers. Away from the table with Chinese rubbers, stroke angles are different and large movements are required to generate power. For this, our Ultimate blade is the perfect choice and we have created the S, M and L versions of the Virtuoso family of blades so that you can experience the power and feeling of the Virtuoso blade no matter what style you play or what rubbers you use.

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