: Emerson Table Top

Table Top Tennis Set

5.0 stars

Great Conversion Table - Well Worth Every Penny! Corinne from Roseville, CA on

Great product that should provide years of enjoyment.

4.0 stars

Ping Pong conversion top Rochelle from Lincolnwood, IL on

We have a pool table that no one used. Now with the conversion top we have a ping pong table that our grandchildren play with for hours. We love it. The only problem is that it scratches easily, but it's really of little consequence when you consider all the fun the kids have with it

Ping pong table

Creates an actual ping pong table. My mistake was I didnt really realize what I was buying. This comes in 2 pieces and they are large and heavy. Very awkward to move them around without help. However, its more convenient than having an actual ping pong table when we already take up space with a pool table. Very authentic-like feeling...we r happy.

Fun for All

Top quality, very thick board with padding on back. It does mark, but any board does, and it is heavy, but since it's two parts, it's not unmanageable. The accessories are sold separately, not included. Overall, we are very happy with this purchase and would recommend it.

We love our table top! It's sturdy and perfect for our pool table. We did hav problems with the delivery service, which scratched parts of the padding. Wayfair immediately sent us another table top at no charge. Great customer service!

Review of Drop Shop Conversion Table Top Tennis

love the table .like the finish.the only problem I had was with delivery, but the second time it arrived undamaged. customer service took care of the re-order for me. I was pleased with their service.

Great play surface and quality.

3.0 stars

It's real ping pong, but very heavy/awkward to set up

The big positive: the conversion top provides a solid playing surface and players feel like they are on a real ping pong table. The big reality: to get a sturdy playing surface, the halves of the top are very heavy. Our kids cannot lift by themselves, which makes the take down and set up more time consuming (and frequent) for the adults. Given the weight and awkwardness of the large table halves, I can see how pieces/edges will chip off easily in the future during set up or take down. Also, the table top scuffs with little effort even against the padded ping pong paddles, so the "new" look of the table didn't last long. After 1 month, ours looks much more dated. The net apparatus works well - easy set up and take down for me, manageable for a 10-year, but still too hard for a 7-year old. But again, the top itself needs bigger bodies to move.

On-the-Go Table Tennis Set
On-the-Go Table Tennis Set
Priceless Table top tennis moments
Priceless Table top tennis moments
Table Tennis Champs: THAILAND vs SOUTH KOREA [C5/set
Table Tennis Champs: THAILAND vs SOUTH KOREA [C5/set ...
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