3. table tennis blades and

Table Tennis Blades and rubbers

Sense Of Catching The BallDiscover the high quality technology behind Butterfly table tennis products!

Super ZL Carbon has gone beyond the present fibrous materials and stepped forward into the new territory. The remarkable reaction and control provided by the expanded high-reaction area has taken the blade to the next stage. Super ZL-Carbon is an evolved new material Butterfly introduces to the world with confidence.

ZL Carbon is a woven combination of carbon fiber and ZL fiber; carbon fiber has a high reaction level and the ZL Fiber provides strength, elasticity, and lightness. ZL Carbon, the super fiber, gives the blade a high level of performance.

ZL Fiber has a detailed molecular configuration that is strong and elastic. Its ratio is 10% lower than carbon fiber, thus making the blade both light and with a high performance level.

Arylate-Carbon is a special material created with a woven combination of Arylate and carbon. Blades using Arylate-Carbon have power, speed and control.

Arylate provides shock absorption for the blade. Lightness is a major characteristic with 75% being carbon fiber.

TAMCA 5000 carbon is strong and light; six times stronger and one fifth in weight compared with iron and steel. Blades using TAMCA 5000 are light and strong with high elasticity and enable high performance.

Spring Sponge – More than a decade of research has led to the latest sponge technology created by the engineers at Butterfly, Spring Sponge. The most notable feature of this new technology is a sense of “catching” the ball, a phenomenon not present in any other rubbers currently available on the market. The secret to Spring Sponge is the unique material composition and air inside the sponge; it expands and contracts just like a spring! Spring Sponge will make you feel in total control.

High Tension – Top athletes rely on its technology. Incorporating tension in the sponge, the rubber surface, or combined in both High Tension stands for a modern table tennis characterized by lots of feel, spin variations and fierce dynamics. Intensive research made possible a broad selection of high powered rubbers which comply with the highest quality standards:
• The optimized surface remains adhesive without a protective film, like all our rubbers.
• If the rubber is exposed to oxygen it does not cause stains on the surface.
• Both rubbers are more resistant to blistering and cracks despite their high tension.

Source: butterflyonline.com
table tennis racket review ( blade andro , rubbers yasaka
table tennis racket review ( blade andro , rubbers yasaka ...
How to Win at Table Tennis - Rubbers, Blades, and Premade
How to Win at Table Tennis - Rubbers, Blades, and Premade ...
Yasaka table tennis rubbers and blades hd
Yasaka table tennis rubbers and blades hd
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