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Gambler Bullet Gold 2-Star Balls - Pack of 144($0.30/ball)

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Better than 2 star quality, as good as many brands' 3 star balls.

Table tennis balls with seamless design in ORANGE or WHITE. Gambler 40mm balls have consistent weight and bounce. Gambler Gold has a harder formula that makes them suitable for club level USATT sanctioned events. These balls have a nice bounce, and durability that will keep them in play.

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Reviews of Gambler Bullet Gold 2-Star Balls - Pack of 144 (9)

Unbeatable price.Great for training fairly good quality. Review helpful? |
Gambler Bullet Gold balls are a notch down from their highest quality ball, but they are still great for multi-ball and robot training. I highly recommend these if you are on a budget but require a bulk of balls for training. For about $30, you can get a gross (144) of balls. That's extremely cheap! These balls are pretty durable, and very consistent. Once in a while, you may get a bad ball (soft spots, not perfectly round, etc.). But for the low price, these occasional irregularities are expected and tolerable. Of course, they are not comparable to well-known balls like Nittaku 3-Star Premiums, but they are affordable and get the job done. When I am in need for more training balls, Gambler will be my top choice! Review helpful? |
Looks nice. Great price. Plays ok. Too soft and light to be good for real play.

Keep them around as training or reserve balls.

Review helpful? |
fast delivery, 144 exact balls...i got no egg shaped ones and they work fine in my newgy robot! only thing i have to say is some are inconsistent and seem smaller because my ball machine spews 2 out at once on seldom occassions! its a fair deal and worth the purchase for a minor setback, but i only really suggest this to those who have a ball machine...otherwise maybe just get some good 3* balls. Review helpful? |
A great great practice ball. Cheap but far better than say the Nittaku young stars or the Yasaka practice balls. I normally use the Gambler 3 Star ball for training my son and other students but now that I am getting the Gold Gamblers, I will use them since they are very inexpensive. Best practice ball on the market Review helpful? |
It's a good ball for the price. The other ones are so expensive! Review helpful? |
Not quite super high quality but a great ball nevertheless. Considering the price and quality, this might just be the best value yet.

I use this ball mainly for training multiball and drills with and without robot. I don't usually use it for games if there is a good Butterfly or DHS ball around, but I have no real reservations regarding using it in a game.

Review helpful? |
This is a great practice ball at a low cost. It's a typical practice ball, less consistent than 3-star balls, with a few eggs in the baskets (non-round balls). But overall it's a quality 2-star ball and is great for training with a robot, or a ball for recreational players. Review helpful? |
From the Gambler Silver(1 star), the Gamber Gold(2 star) are definitely rounder and harder. Overall better.
They are your typical 2 star balls at a discount price. $20-$40 dollars cheaper than the big names for the gross(144 balls) Or 21 cents per ball. The big names will cost you 34-50 cents per ball.
So they are cheaper than the big names, but how do they play?
Not bad, but i won't say they are better than the expensive 2 star balls, but are close.
All in all, you can play with these, but are better suited for drills, practice, multi ball, and robot. If on a tight budget get a bunch of gambler silver/1 star for your training, if you want to spend a little more get gambler gold. Review helpful? |
Roger Liu table tennis training drills - Multi Balls (5
Roger Liu table tennis training drills - Multi Balls (5 ...
Ask the Expert: Table Tennis Training Balls
Ask the Expert: Table Tennis Training Balls
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table tennis training
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