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Windsor Table Tennis Club

Welcome to one of the biggest table tennis clubs in Southwestern Ontario.
The club is open to the public every Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-9:30pm.
Beginners to advanced players are welcome. You will play against players with similar ability.

The club is located at Teutonia Club.
See the sidebar to the right for the address and map. Parking is free.

Tuesday is league night starting at 7:15pm (organized groups according to your ability).
Note: You can come play on Tuesdays just for fun without playing the league.
Thursday is practice night (play who you want ie: singles, doubles, or fun).

We have 12 professional tables available and all are ITTF-approved!
Windsor Table Tennis Club is fully affiliated with the OTTA.
You must bring your own ping pong racket, a ball, and running shoes.
Official 40 mm balls are available for sale.

Fees are listed in the table below. The yearly membership is pro-rated to September 1st.

Daily Fee Yearly Membership
Children (15 and under) $2 Free
Students $5
Adults $5 plus $20
Seniors (60 and over) $15
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Table Tennis Club(Ground Level) - Vancouver
Table Tennis Club(Ground Level) - Vancouver
vancouver table tennis club
vancouver table tennis club
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