Table Tennis 3D, a challenging

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Virtual Table Tennis™ is the only one based on 3D PHYSICS and supported ONLINE MULTIPLAYER Table Tennis game series in the App Store.

Watch trailer on youtube:

Featured by Apple in "The Best Games You've Never Played".

Main features:

• Multiplayer via Internet or Bluetooth!

• Based on the independent 3D physics system, motion of Ping-Pong can be brought to life perfectly.

• As the design of AI system based on the human behaviors, it possesses various behaviors such as reaction, speed, strength, endurance, defense, etc.

• Accurate and visual control mode can truly simulate various way of strike and smash in the match. Besides, players can make adjustments in “Options” according to their own preferences.

• Players are confronted with AI opponents with various styles and capabilities in the game.

• Various game modes such as Animation tutorials, free practices, Arcade Mode, Tournament Modes, and Multiplayer Mode!

• You want to play your own music? No problem! If the game detects that the iTunes is playing music, the game music will close itself automatically.

• Game Center, Twitter and Facebook integrated!

• 3D sound system (earphone available)

More brilliant details can’t be perceived until you pick up, we can ensure that!

What's New in Version 4.4.4

1. Fix bugs.

Great Game
by ubuntu8888

Very good game. I play table tennis and the only difference between actually playing and playing virtually is my finger. All the sound and ball action and how the ball reacts during play is very realistic. This is a fun won't feel cheated. And winner is not all that easy as you go up the ranks.

Ping pong was never so fun!
by EnaSanderone

I love this app! It keeps me occupied when I can't play ping pong in real life. It is realistic, well designed, and just a ton of fun! I hope another update comes out soon for the iPad.been playing the newest one on my iPhone way too often!
JCW, Richland, WA

Awesome and realistic game
by Go ping pong

This game is a great game. It is similar to real life table tennis and the fact that you can play with others is a awesome feature. One thing to improve is I am confused on how to smash with more power, but overall, definitely a good choice for enthusiastic table tennis fans!

table tennis freestyle
table tennis freestyle
Tennis Game
Tennis Game
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