Table Tennis Fremont

The Fremont Table Tennis Academy (FTTA) is an award-winning full-time table-tennis/ping-pong academy designated as a National Center of Excellence by USA Table Tennis. Fremont Table Tennis Academy students are among the top performing table-tennis players in the nation.

FTTA coaches both juniors and adults of all levels from recreational ping-pong players to tournament players who win tournament titles. It has the following programs:
*Weekday after-school program (Mon-Fri 4:30-5:30 PM) *Weekend beginner/intermediate program (Sat 2:30-4 PM, Sun 3:30-5:00 PM)
*Weekly adult class (Thu 8-10 pm)
*Weekend advanced program (Sat 10 AM-12 PM, Sun 10 AM-12 PM)
*Open play (Tues 7-10 pm, Wed 7-10 PM, Fri 7-10 pm, Sun 1-4 PM, and by appointment)
*Weekly league (starts on Sat at 4:15)

Fremont Table Tennis Academy sell major brands of equipment and head coach Shashin Shodhan leads the group coaching programs and gives private lessons for players of all levels and ages. He has represented the US in the North American Olympic Trials, World University Championships, ITTF Pro Tours, and international junior opens. He has learned from some of the world's and nation's best coaches and from his own table-tennis adventures that have taken him to Sweden for extended periods six times, China for extended periods five times, Germany for three months, Taiwan twice, Slovenia, Canada, and throughout the U.S.


Established in 2007.

The Fremont Table Tennis Academy (FTTA) is the first table-tennis club in Fremont and opened in April of 2007. It moved to its second location in December of 2009 and has moved to its current location in August 2014. FTTA has served over 1, 000 table-tennis players in a very friendly environment open to all ages and skill levels.

Meet the Business Owner

Shashin Shodhan's Bio as Coach:
-Passed ITTF Level 3 and qualified for High Performance
-Students have over 50 first-place finishes in USA Table Tennis sanctioned tournaments, including the U.S. Nationals
-Students have 15 top 3 finishes at last 4 major US tournaments with only 10 students
-At both 2014 US Open and 2014 US Nationals, Fremont Table Tennis Academy had highest average rating point improvement of all clubs and highest individual rating point improvement of all players

Shashin Shodhan's Bio as Player:
-Winner of 15 National/International Titles
-Arguably top performer in 2000 North American Olympic Trials out of non-Olympians
-Represented US at many international competitions

Shashin Shodhan's Bio as Organizer/Promoter:
-Founder and Director of Northern California League for 3 seasons
-Founder of UC Berkeley Table Tennis Club
-Founder of Northern California Division of National Collegiate Table Tennis Association

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ICC Table Tennis
ICC Table Tennis
Table Tennis America Introduce
Table Tennis America Introduce
amazing table tennis training in Fremont, California
amazing table tennis training in Fremont, California
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