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Top 10 Ping Pong TablesCornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The Cornilleau Sport 500M table features a non-glossy finish for anti-glare properties, so players get optimum conditions for giving their all. Available in slate and blue colors, the table has accents that come together to make a good looking table that is a pleasure to play on. It packs up very easily as well, with wheels for easy transport when folded.

JOOLA Nova DX Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Simplistic design meets practicality with the Nova DX outdoor table, and it comes with a folding feature to allow for single-player practice sessions. It features simple wheels to help make transport easy, and a tabletop made of aluminum-plastic composite for a lightweight design and rust resistance, which is critical for an outdoor table. A player can easily leave one side folded to practice with the most formidable foe in table tennis: a vertical surface.

Butterfly Personal Rollaway Ping Pong Table

Players also get a foldable table with the Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table by Butterfly, allowing for easy transport and storage. It includes ball and racket holders on the sides for clutter-free storage, and a classic finish that is not distracting for players. The table folds up to 74 inches long and 27 inches wide to fit in most storage areas.


JOOLA Tour 1500 Indoor Ping Pong Table

Boasting an assembly time of less than 20 minutes, a tournament-grade net, and an MDF painted table surface, the Tour 1500 is one great indoor ping pong table. It features leg levelers to keep an even playing surface, while providing consistent bounce and vivid, crisp sound. For a competitive price, players get tournament-grade performance to help keep them on their toes.

Kettler Match 5.0 Indoor Ping Pong Table

The Match 5.0 features a 0.75-inch special wood tabletop, and aluminum edges to protect the table edges. Easy storage is present with the side racket and ball holder, and the table folds up for quick storage. Stable wheel assemblies make rolling this table along quite easy.

Cornilleau Pro 510 Slate Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Built to resist the elements, the Pro 510 slate table gives players an excellent surface to play on that is as premium as its price. With neither folding features nor wheels for transport, the table works best as a more permanent fixture. Its steel frame resists corrosion and scratching, and it offers a design that allows players in wheelchairs to play comfortably.

Stiga Synergy Ping Pong Table

The Synergy table offers an innovative, non-clunky folding design with its QuickPlay chassis. Wheels lock with ample pressure for easy storage and rolling, while the surface comes in an attractive black finish that resists glare for optimum play conditions. Rubber corner protectors keep players safe from injury, and the legs easily lock to keep the surface stable.

Cornilleau Sport 400M Ping Pong Table

The resin laminate surface, reliable folding design, wide and sturdy wheels, and galvanized steel frame combine to make the Sport 400M a great upgrade as a more serious playing table. Its light weight makes it easy to transport, and the matte surface gives players a pleasurable surface to flank as they dart from side to side during intense volleys.

JOOLA Triumph 25-mm Ping Pong Table

The Triumph 25-mm table features a great contrast between the matte black surface finish and its white assembly beneath. Featuring thick, durable table legs for enhanced stability, and corner ball holders are great boons. A high-quality net comes included in the package, with a nifty adjustment system to keep the net taut.


JOOLA Tour 1800 Indoor Ping Pong Table

The legs on the Tour 1800 have feet that keep the table level for the best playing conditions, making it quite stable. It comes in an attractive blue finish that is discreet, yet oozes quality by giving players a non-glare surface to play on. When stepping up from particleboard tables, this one is a great choice for intermediates.

When you finally decide to upgrade from the flimsy particleboard table you play on in your garage, you can look at some of the best upgrades from the listings on eBay. Searching is simple by just typing the model and brand of the table you want in the search bar on any eBay webpage. When you or a family member decides to get serious with ping pong, get only the best for the money with one of the top tables available. With your new table in place, it is time to practice for that next big game.

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