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Butterfly Table Tennis Cover

If you are planning to buy, or have already bought, a table tennis set for your home, you will probably want to consider buying a cover to protect the table when it is not in use. For tables that fold vertically in half, there are numerous covers available on the market that will protect it from dust, dirt, and knick (if inside) as well as weather and sun damage (if outside).

As with all table tennis supplies, there are numerous choices of brands from which you may choose when buying your table tennis cover. We’ll look at a few and give you an overview of the brand as well as the covers it offers.

One of the most popular brands for all table tennis gear is a company called Stiga. Stiga is a Swedish company that now sells premier equipment for competitive and at home play all over the world. This includes not only tables, paddles, balls and the very useful ping pong ball machine, but of course table tennis covers as well. Stiga sells a table cover that is indoor use but that covers a table that is either folded (vertical) or unfolded (horizontal, just like how you play on it).

Stiga Table Cover

The Stiga Indoor/Outdoor Premium Table cover is designed for both indoors and outdoors use. This table cover can be very well protecting your ping pong table from wear and tear. The material that made the Stiga cover is very durable and you can actually found this material that made the great quality automobile covers. You can cover your outdoor table tennis table with it to prevent dust and dirt or rusting happened to the table.

Another global leader in table tennis supplies and accessories is a company called Butterfly. Their primary North American distributer is Martin Kipatrick. The Kilpatrick/Butterfly partnership offers a stylish black table tennis cover with the pink Butterfly logo and nylon handles. It is measured to fit most tables for at home play.

Butterfly TC1000 Table Tennis Cover

This Butterfly table tennis table cover not only fits for all tables that made by Butterfly, it also can be used for most other brands’ tables. If you have been tired and frustrated of getting those PVC covers that often crack and tear easily, then this should be the one you are looking for.

The cover can be well worth your little investment as the material that made it is of heavy duty cordura nylon. It can provide you with full coverage for your whole table when it is folded up.

Joola Table Tennis Cover

If you are looking for table tennis cover for pool table, then this JOOLA Dual Function Table Tennis Cover is definitely meets your needs. It is able to cover your table in storage or playing position. Thus if you buy a table tennis conversion top and need to cover it together with your pool table, you can do so with this Joola cover as well. However, one disadvantage of this equipment is it is only recommend for indoor use. It may not able to withstand with outside weather condition and it is not waterproof. You need to do serious consideration before buying it to avoid wasting money if you end up need to place your pool table or ping pong table outdoor.

Cornilleau Table Tennis Table Cover

You can make use of the Cornilleau polyester cover on all Cornilleau tables no matter indoor or outdoor. For outdoor, you will need to cover the table when it is in folding position. It features with a fastener to allow you to secure the cover for folded outdoor ping pong table. Need to take into consideration that the vinyl material can be quite thin and flimsy.

Source: www.tabletennisspot.com
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