Outdoor Table Tennis with

Sportcraft Table Tennis

Sportcraft are based in New Jersey, USA and are known for their table tennis tables and other indoor sports equipment.

Sportcraft was founded in 1926 by Walter Holdstein, a successful balloon/novelty salesman, who opened Sportcraft for business at 232 Madison Avenue in New York City, USA.

The business started when Walter met English born Sophia in the early 1920s.

As they travelled to London aboard the Queen Mary to visit Sophia's family in England, Walter noticed families enjoying traditional English games, such as croquet and badminton.

Recognising an opportunity, he began importing these games to the USA where a burgeoning middle class was beginning to shape main street USA.

These family-oriented, backyard games were a big hit.

So in 1926, the General Sportcraft Company was founded and immediately secured a unique niche in the marketplace.

At that time, most department stores did not carry sporting goods, so General Sportcraft helped pioneer the concept of "Family-fun" departments within the store.

Soon, the popularity of these departments spawned stand-alone sporting goods stores, and Sportcraft's legacy was secured.

Rackets, Balls, Tables & more

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And today they're known for Sportcraft Table Tennis...

Sportcraft Table Tennis

Sportcraft Table Tennis

Through the years, Sportcraft has remained a leader in the home recreation industry.

In the 1940s and 1950s, Sportcraft continued to introduce new outdoor games to America, such as Bocce, Horseshoes and Volleyball. But gradually, Sportcraft's focus moved to family activities indoors.

Table Tennis, Billiards, Foosball and Darts, became the backbone of the company, and Sportcraft achieved significant financial growth.

By the turn of the century, Walter Holdstein's little import business had distribution centers in three different countries and hundreds of associates spread out across the globe.

Sportcraft today

Today, more than 13 million customers a year choose Sportcraft products, and the Sportcraft table tennis brand has become synonymous with family fun.

Their mission today is not a lot different than it was over 80 years ago when Walter Holdstein was bringing over games from Europe.

Their games bring people together and allow people to have fun.

There are few pursuits more fulfilling.

And now there are five ...

Sportcraft facilities

Sportcraft facilities are now in five locations...

New Jersey

In November of 1997, Sportcraft moved to its current Mt. Olive, New Jersey location, fifty miles west of New York City. This 200, 000 square foot facility houses the company headquarters as well as distribution center and light assembly operations

Los Angeles

This 150, 000 square foot facility is located in Ontario, California, forty miles Northeast of Los Angeles. The west coast warehouse is a modern distribution facility vital to company operations.


Sportcraft Canada is located outside of Toronto. The facility operates as a sales and distribution facility to service their Canadian customers. The building includes a showroom, distribution warehouse and management offices.


Sportcraft Asia, Shenzhen, China office opened in 2006. The Shenzhen office facilitates transportation services, quality control, product development with their mainland China suppliers.

Hong Kong

Sportcraft Asia, a liaison office of Sportcraft, Ltd., is centrally located on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. The 5, 250 square foot office and showroom complex opened in 2000. Sportcraft Asia provides transportation services and international sales support for their parent company, Sportcraft Ltd.

With a selection of full sized table tennis tables and conversion tops, there's plenty to choose from at Sportcraft table tennis.

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Sportcraft Glow-in-the-Dark 2-Player Table Tennis Set with
Sportcraft Glow-in-the-Dark 2-Player Table Tennis Set with ...
Sportcraft AMF Pro Air Piston Table Tennis Table
Sportcraft AMF Pro Air Piston Table Tennis Table
Sportcraft PX400 Table Tennis Table_medium
Sportcraft PX400 Table Tennis Table_medium
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