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Tips for playing Table Tennis

How to play table tennisWant to learn how to play table tennis?
Well I've got some great tactics, tips and techniques to help you...

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Learning to play table tennis for fun is easy ... but learning how to play to a high standard requires much more than just learning the rules of the game.

I've been playing since 1971 and I've built up a wealth of knowledge about the game which I'd like to share with you.

And as it's truly is a sport for all - whatever your age or physical attributes, you can play too.

So let's take a look at the basic skills you'll need, and then we'll move on to some of the more advanced techniques.

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But just before we start, I'm often asked...

How I learnt to play

I started learning how to play table tennis at a young age.

I was still at school at the time and I always tried to play whenever and where ever I could.

I played at school, at the local youth club, at the YMCA and at home with my sister at every opportunity I had.

I was also very fortunate because one of my teachers at school was very keen on the game and she organised an after-school club where she encouraged me to learn how to play correctly.

And that is my best advice to you. Try to get some...

Table Tennis Coaching

I'd highly recommend that you try to get some good coaching as early as possible in your playing career as this'll give you a solid foundation for your game - and it's vital if you're going to play at an intermediate or advanced level.

Even if you start playing the game when you're a bit older, coaching is invaluable.

Having said that though, if you're only going to be playing a friendly game with your buddies, just learning a few of the basic skills will probably be enough.

I managed to find a junior coaching program which was only a short bus / car journey away from our home.

The junior coaching sessions were held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings and I joined up as soon as I could ... and pestered my mum and dad to take me to at least two of the sessions every week.

The coaches had a good reputation and they'd been coaching for a long time, producing many talented players along the way.

OK, let's start with the...

Basic Skills

As with any sport, mastering the is essential - and table tennis is no exception. You'll need to know which (paddle / bat) is right for you, particularly if you're a beginner, and you'll need to know the correct way to hold it.

The grip is probably the most fundamental technique to master when learning how to play because, just as in other sports, if you don't use the correct grip when you first start playing, you'll find it extremely difficult to change later - and you'll be unlikely to improve beyond the level of a beginner.

A good coach will teach you which to learn first, the correct stance required for each shot, the and also help you practice the strokes and techniques needed to give you a solid foundation for your game.

But you should never forget the following...

Practice, Practice, Practice

As with any sport, practice, practice, practice is the key.

Having a good practice partner or using a (ball launcher) is essential if you're going to "groove" your strokes.

When I started playing I had experienced coaches who knew how to "feed" the ball to a beginner. So all I needed to do was concentrate on practising my forehand and backhand strokes without having to worry about whether the ball would be in the right place for me to hit it.

But, before you start, you must be aware of...

The Modern Game

If you're a beginner and you're just learning how to play, it's important to understand that the modern game has evolved into one that's dominated by attacking / offensive minded players, and that defensive play has diminished significantly.

Therefore I would recommend that you learn how to play using an aggressive, attacking style of play rather than any other style.

But of course, before you can master the advanced strokes, you'll need some basic skills to get you started.

Source: www.allabouttabletennis.com
Top 3 Tips for Table Tennis aka Ping Pong
Top 3 Tips for Table Tennis aka Ping Pong
Rules for Playing Table Tennis
Rules for Playing Table Tennis
Table Tennis : Basic Play Tips in Table Tennis
Table Tennis : Basic Play Tips in Table Tennis
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