Table Tennis Equipment

Table Tennis tables Big w

For after hours emergency product safety issues, please call 1300 244 999.


DESCRIPTION: Winter Luxe Pouf by Lifestyle Brands Design House

DEFECT: The item does not have a child-resistant fastener or the required safety warning label.

HAZARD: The item is not fitted with a child-resistant fastener and may allow access to the polystyrene beans, which pose a potential choking hazard to young children.

WHERE SOLD:This product has been sold in BIG W nationally from February 2016



DEFECT: The metal pin in the centre of the food safety holder cap accessory can become dislodged.

HAZARD: The metal pin can be left in food creating a laceration and ingestion hazard.

WHERE SOLD:This product has been sold in BIG W nationally from 22 NOVEMBER 2015 TO 29 JANUARY 2016

PRODUCT SAFETY RECALL: Tinkers Wooden Garage (40872)

DEFECT:The winding mechanism of the elevator may detach from the main elevator gantry, exposing the sharp screw and presenting a hazard to the user.

HAZARD: Exposure to the sharp screw may present an injury hazard to the user.

WHERE SOLD:This product has been sold in BIG W nationally from 14 June 2015 to 27 January 2016.

PRODUCT SAFETY RECALL: Water Bottle (found in the BIGW “Back to School” Backpack)

The article number can be found on the swing tag at the back of the backpckt

DEFECT: The rubber top on the bottle may become loose during use resulting in it detaching from it.

HAZARD: The detached rubber top may pose a potential choking hazard.

WHERE SOLD:This product has been sold in BIG W stores nationally from 21 December 2015 to 20 January 21 January 2016

ELECTRICAL SAFETY RECALL: Moonwalker 2 wheel scooter

DESCRIPTION:The recalled product is the Moonwalker 2 wheel scooter by Hunter Sports and where available in red or blue. The scooter was supplied with a battery charger model xve-4200200.

DEFECT: The Cord set and the battery charger does not comply with the Australian standards, and are not approved.

HAZARD: There is a potential risk of electric shock.

WHERE SOLD: The products were sold nationally at BIG W between 5/12/2015 to .

CUSTOMER NOTICE: Christmas Mini Bon Bons 6pk (product number: 847193)

DESCRIPTION: It has come to the attention of BIG W that our Christmas Mini Bon Bons (6 pack) product does not contain the items described on its packaging. As a result it has been removed from shelves.

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JOOLA Table Tennis Tables Collection - Product Review Video
JOOLA Table Tennis Tables Collection - Product Review Video
Table Tennis
Table Tennis
funny table tennis
funny table tennis
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