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RITC Friendship Super 729 FX$15.00 Save $5.05 (34%)

FRIENDSHIP "SUPER 729 FX" is one of the oldest Chinese rubber sheets. Super sticky rubber surface. Capable of generating strong spin. Excellent for consistent power players requiring more control. Orange sponge and better quality!

Speed: 90
Spin: 90
Control: 90

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Reviews of RITC Friendship Super 729 FX (41)

I use it in my bh with an Off++ blade. Its spin is ok. A bit slower than I expected. Blocking, chopping, looping, back spin are all good but not great. It's a beginner's rubber.
Update: after using it for a month I decided to go back to my old rubber, Palio Amigo. It has similar characteristics to the Super FX since it is an equally cheap, Chinese, hard sponge rubber. But it is more versatile, faster with higher throw angle, better spin and more gears. It is just a better version of the Super FX Review helpful? |
Good for blocking, countering and pushing... it is possible to generate a lot of backspin while at the same time the rubber is not too sensitive to incoming spin due to the hard sponge... Topspin attackers should look somewhere else. Review helpful? |
Cheap, good speed and spin for beginner. Review helpful? |

External Review Thickness: 2.0 mm (2.8 mm after boost)

As I play TT for fun only, I boost this rubber and use speed glue. This rubber is really beast on looping stroke and counter looping. It also provide decent control on block stroke and provide good control in touch play. The tacky surface can generate so much spin but this is also the double edge when receive incoming spin. IMO I think there are more new generation Chinese rubber which has more spin and speed than this but the blue sponge of this rubber is attractive enough for me to keep playing with it!

Review helpful? | very good chinese rubber. good combination with hinoki outer plies blades like Nittaku Clout or other offensive blade.. Review helpful? |
Very good beginners rubber, very tacky, not too fast or too powerful. I had it as my first rubber, it lasted for about six months, but it's a good rubber for helping you get into the game. Review helpful? |
I was really blown away when i played with this rubber in backhand. Absolute control rubber and its very cheap. only costs Rs.850 in India. I love to play backhand top spin and take initiation in the game. And this rubber has provided me with it. Push will be difficult at times as the throw angle is high but at the same time it you get used to chop it then no one can counter hit. A must for beginners/intermediate players. Perfect control and brilliant amount of spin. Overall 9/10 Review helpful? |
First of all this is very cheap rubber and it is worth much more than you'll pay for it. It is not so slow as you might think, spin is ok and control is the best. I'm currently using 1.5 mm sponge and it is just fine. Black rubber with blue sponge is better for forehand. It is quite subtle distinction but it is there. I am two wing looper and loops are easy to perform with my Donic Appelgren Allplay Senso V2 - racket gives medium-high throw. Pushes are great also, blocking is fine but not too dangerous for your opponent. Rubber is medium tacky and a bit heavy but it doesn't bother me much. I' m using mostly Friendship rubbers. Considering the price and quality, buying 10-15 times more expensive rubbers is a waste of money for a recreational player.

Edit: after some time playing with this rubber (now I use 1.8 mm), I still think it is bang for the buck. Maybe just a little slow for match game and not the best for countering topspin. But hey, it costs about 4-5 $

Review helpful? |
Very Good Rubber! best for moderate level players, very compatible to any kinds of blades in the table tennis market. Review helpful? |
When i glued this rubber to my blade and started to play i just said: WOW! Maybe not very fast but comparing to the price it's an amazing rubber. What i really love with this rubber is pushing. I can get so much backspin! (i use it on bh) When blocking it works but it's hard to do a "perfect" block because the sponge doesn't have really much power, u just have to punch your racket forward to block harder. When i'm blockig i like to take a step away from the table and just put the ball back. So maybe that was a reason for why i didn't really couldn't get in on it first. But when i blocked directly after bounce it was a bit easier. Review helpful? |
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